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Best foods in Auckland

There is no doubt that Auckland is every gourmand’s paradise. Whether you are in the city for a travel retreat and want to try traditional Kiwi food, or you are interested in the finest international cuisine like French, Italian, Indian, or Japanese, most of the restaurants offer different choices of dining, buffet-style food or takeout.

For global food lovers, Auckland has many award-winning restaurants situated mostly in Viaduct Harbour, on Parnell roads and Ponsonby. You can taste sophisticated seafood meals, wines, tea and coffee. Savor French cuisine with a mouth-watering salmon and crème fraiche with agria potatoes at The Groove, or relax in an intimate environment at The French Café. Enjoy your anniversary dinner with spectacular cooked duck and great winery selection at One Tree Grill.

You can’t ask for better pappardelle duck and pea ragu than the one served at Gusto at the Grand Restaurant. Pop in The Occidental Belgian Beer Café for the rustic appeal and great beers to choose from. If you want to try flavorsome food and good-quality prawns, you can dine at Blue Elephant Thai, the best place for Thai food in Auckland. For exotic tastes head out to Oh Calcutta and buy generous portions of authentic Indian food or to Masu, one of the most popular restaurants for its delicious sushi.

Local food is known for its succulent roast lamb mixed with rosemary and vegetables, Maori hangi which is an old method of cooking in the oven, fish and chips available pretty much at every corner, cheese, wines and different kinds or sweets like chocolate fish, Pineapple Lump and more. Traditional high-rated cuisine venues include Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar, Clooney, SidArt, or Euro. With home-based and foreign eateries, Auckland is full of must-visit restaurants for every food preferences and budget.